In Illinois, tennis is not just a sport; it's a part of the cultural fabric. As more communities explore racket sports as a way to engage, compete, and stay active, cities and towns alike are ramping up their efforts to enhance facilities and broaden access. This commitment to revitalizing the state’s sports infrastructure was highlighted in 2023 when Lollapalooza organizers made a significant donation towards constructing and renovating pickleball and tennis courts in Chicago's Grant Park. 

Leveraging TeachMe.To's network of 600+ professional coaches, we analyzed extensive data from tens of thousands of tennis lessons nationwide to determine where the sport is flourishing. By diving into data related to the number of coaches and tennis lessons in the state, we’ve managed to paint a detailed picture of the 2024 tennis landscape in Illinois.

Chicago: A Hub for Tennis Enthusiasts

As Illinois's largest city and a major metropolitan hub, Chicago dominates the state's tennis scene with 86.36% of the coaches and 81.82% of bookings. Supported by initiatives like USTA Chicago, the city caters to a vast demographic. Today, Chicago has over 534 tennis courts and 6 indoor facilities, ​​providing year-round access to both casual players and seasoned athletes. 

Evanston: Community Tennis Thrives

Nestled just north of Chicago, Evanston represents a suburban retreat where community tennis thrives. With 4.55% of the state's coaches and 3.64% of bookings, the city demonstrates its commitment to accessible tennis by offering 11 parks with tennis and pickleball courts available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Skokie: Expanding Access to Tennis

Adjacent to Evanston, Skokie offers a community-focused approach to tennis within its suburban confines. Holding 4.55% of Illinois’s tennis coaching resources and contributing 1.82% to total lesson bookings, Skokie's Park Tennis Center is a cornerstone for local tennis enthusiasts. The center's multiple courts cater to a growing tennis community eager to learn and improve in a supportive and friendly suburban environment.

The Top Tennis Communities in Illinois: Summary



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As Illinois communities continue to develop their tennis offerings, they not only enhance the quality of life for their residents but also contribute to the sport's growing popularity. Each community, with its unique contributions, helps to cultivate a rich tapestry of tennis activities that appeal to players of all ages and skill levels.

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