Pickleball's rapid expansion has made Michigan a national leader in the sport, which now ranks 7th in the country based on the number of courts alone. This surge not only reflects the sport's accessibility but also its adoption across the state's diverse communities — from bustling cities to serene townships that have all found joy in the camaraderie and competition pickleball offers.

We've gathered and analyzed data from over 600 coaches who provide tens of thousands of lessons throughout the country via TeachMe.To. By diving into data on where students book the most lessons and where coaches are located, we’ve managed to track where the sport is most vibrant and how it's evolving within each community across the state.

Troy: Illuminating the Night with Pickleball

Troy's engagement with the sport is highlighted by the presence of 28.57% of the state's coaches and 22.22% of the bookings. The city's residents have access to multiple parks for pickleball, including Redwood and Brinston Parks, and Boulan Park which offers the unique feature of lighted courts for evening games.

Royal Oak: A Beacon for Local Players

Royal Oak, with its vibrant local scene, holds 28.57% of the coaches and 22.22% of the bookings. It's a beacon for pickleball players, with residents able to enjoy the sport at the Salter Community CenterWhittier Park, or Upton Park

The Royal Oak Pickleball Club enhances the city’s pickleball offerings by hosting an array of activities including an annual adult tournament, ladder leagues, lessons for adults and children, and clinics with nationally rated players. 

Livonia: Growing Interest and Engagement

Livonia is making its mark with 14.29% of Michigan's pickleball coaches and 22.22% of the bookings. This city's residents are increasingly drawn to the sport, demonstrating a growing interest and engagement in pickleball activities.

Want to engage in competitive play in Livonia? You're in luck — Livonia Parks and Recreation hosts two nights of ladder league indoor play at the Kirksey Recreation Center. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of pickleball rules and bring their own paddles, though balls are provided. This arrangement not only fosters a growing pickleball community but also accommodates players looking to refine their skills in a structured setting.

Clinton Township: A Thriving Community Hub

Clinton Township, with a modest yet dedicated pickleball scene, contributes to Michigan's vibrant landscape with 14.29% of the state's coaches and 16.67% of all bookings. This township demonstrates that cities don’t monopolize all the pickleball fun; instead, communities large and small are both embracing the sport. 

West Bloomfield Township: Innovating with Indoor Facilities

West Bloomfield Township, contributing 14.29% of Michigan's coaches and 16.67% of bookings, is set to revolutionize local pickleball with the upcoming PickleRage facility. Slated to open in 2024, this 26,772-square-foot venue will feature nine indoor courts with live stream capabilities, a players' lounge with beer and wine, and amenities like free balls and paddle loans, ensuring year-round play regardless of weather.

The Top Pickleball Communities in Michigan: Summary



Percentage of Coaches

Percentage of Pickleball Lessons 

Royal Oak

Clinton Township




West Bloomfield Township



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As Michigan continues to rise as a pickleball powerhouse, the enthusiasm across its cities and townships creates a dynamic and inclusive environment for the sport. Each locale, with its unique offerings and community spirit, contributes to making Michigan a true hotspot for pickleball enthusiasts.

Discover the vibrant scenes of Michigan's pickleball communities with TeachMe.To. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, there's a place for you to join the excitement and contribute to the sport's growing legacy in the state.