In Illinois, the landscape of sports and recreation is being reshaped by the rapid ascent of pickleball. TeachMe.To's mission to track and foster this growth has revealed a compelling story of community and competitive spirit. Through our dynamic network of 600+ coaches and tens of thousands of pickleball lessons, we’ve seen an array of vibrant pickleball hubs emerge across Illinois.

In our deep dive into the state's pickleball data, we've surfaced the communities that are setting the pace for the game's expansion. Here are some of the top places where Illinoisans are not just playing pickleball, but fully embodying the sport's culture and community.

Chicago: The Heartbeat of Illinois Pickleball

Chicago stands as a colossus in Illinois pickleball, with an impressive 73.08% of the state's coaches and 72.16% of all bookings. 

The city has recently welcomed Social Pickleball Fun, or SPF, in Lincoln Park — now Chicago's largest indoor pickleball venue. This 42,000-square-foot facility is a beacon of the sport, boasting eight indoor courts with instant replay technology, alongside luxurious amenities like a coffee bar and saunas.

Burr Ridge: Paving the Way

Burr Ridge might contribute 7.69% of coaches and 3.09% of bookings in Illinois, yet its impact on the sport's growth is undeniable. It represents the burgeoning interest in suburban communities, proving that pickleball's appeal knows no bounds.

Skokie: The Spirit of Pickleball Flourishes

Skokie's story is one of community and connection, with 7.69% of the state's coaches and 7.22% of bookings. This city illustrates how pickleball can thrive in diverse environments, from urban to suburban settings.

Naperville: Innovating Illinois' Pickleball Experience

With 3.85% of the state's pickleball coaches and 9.28% of bookings, Naperville is at the forefront of indoor pickleball experiences. The opening of The Picklr in March, touted as a premier indoor facility, exemplifies the city's love for the sport. Today, Naperville boasts fourteen open court locations, underlining its status as a pickleball haven.

Deerfield: Community Engagement Through Sport

Deerfield's engagement with pickleball, marked by 3.85% of coaches and 5.15% of bookings, showcases how even the quieter corners of Illinois are making significant strides in the sport's adoption.

Highland Park: A Tournament Destination

Highland Park may only account for 3.85% of coaches and 3.09% of bookings, but its contribution to the sport's vibrancy is substantial. It is the proud host of one of the nation's biggest pickleball tournaments, the APP Chicago Open. Here, at Danny Cunniff Park, the world's best pickleball players, alongside avid amateurs, converge to celebrate and compete in the sport.

The Top Pickleball Locations in Illinois: Summary



Percentage of Coaches

Percentage of Pickleball Lessons 


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Highland Park



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The rise of pickleball in Illinois is more than just a trend; it's a testament to the state's adaptability and eagerness to embrace new activities. From the hustle of Chicago to the tranquility of Burr Ridge, Illinois offers a diverse array of backdrops for pickleball enthusiasts.

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