How to Find Pickleball Courts Near Me: A Step-By-Step Guide

Pickleball, a sport that marries elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, offers an exciting, fast-paced game for all ages. Played on a smaller court with a lower net, it's an accessible and enjoyable sport for all ages. 

The first step to diving into this sport? Finding pickleball courts near you. Yet, given the increasing popularity of pickleball, this can be more challenging than it sounds: our survey found that 51% of pickleball coaches in the Southeast region of the United States had at least one lesson impacted due to overcrowding. 

In this post, we'll guide you through where to play pickleball, as well as highlight how TeachMe.To can help you find the best pickleball pros.

How to Find Pickleball Courts In My Area

Community centers and parks

Many community centers and parks have embraced pickleball, setting up courts that are available for public use. These venues are often the hub of local pickleball activities, providing spaces where players of all skill levels come together. 

Be sure to check if these locations maintain proper pickleball courts and what amenities they offer.

Pickleball Clubs

Local pickleball clubs are excellent resources for finding courts. These clubs often have agreements or partnerships with local facilities, providing access to dedicated pickleball courts. Joining a local pickleball club can also be an excellent way to meet new people and improve your skills through friendly competition.

For example, the San Gabriel Valley Pickleball Club in California offers wide courts and an array of amenities, making it a popular choice among local players​

Online resources

The internet is a treasure trove of information on pickleball court locations. Websites, pickleball forums, and social media groups can guide you to nearby facilities. These platforms often have the most current information on court conditions, availability, and even scheduled community play sessions.

Fitness clubs and YMCAs

Your local gym or YMCA might just be a pickleball goldmine. These facilities are increasingly adding pickleball to their roster of activities, offering well-equipped courts for their members. 

Private residences and housing complexes

In some neighborhoods, private residences and housing complexes boast their own pickleball courts. These are often available for residents and their guests, offering a more intimate and relaxed playing environment. It's a great excuse to visit friends or make new ones in these communities!

Schools and universities

Many schools and universities have courts that they open up to the public during off-hours. These can be great places to play, often well-maintained and less crowded. Check with local educational institutions for access times and rules.

How to Find Pickleball Courts Near Me: 4 Tips

  • Be a social butterfly: Network with local pickleball players. They often have the scoop on the best courts in town.

  • Scout around: Sometimes, the best courts are found just by driving around your local parks and recreational areas.

  • Check out community boards and newsletters: Local community boards or newsletters often announce new courts or pickleball-related events.

  • Don’t be afraid to be picky: When choosing a pickleball court, consider factors like court surface, location convenience, availability of amenities (like restrooms and water fountains), and the level of play the courts cater to. Whether you prefer a lively community atmosphere or a more relaxed setting can also influence your choice.

Where to Play Pickleball

Pickleball is booming, with cities like New York, NY, Orem, UT, Scottsdale, AZ, and Austin, TX leading the pack. Overall, California is the number one state for pickleball, and you’re especially in luck if you live in SoCal — over 7% of pickleball coaches in the state reside in San Diego County, followed close behind by over 6% in Los Angeles. 

For pickleball fans in Florida, Broward County, Boca Raton, and Tampa are all hotspots for the sport. Texas players aren’t left behind either — you can find top coaches everywhere from Austin to Houston to San Antonio. 

Finding Pickleball Coaches Near Me

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to pickleball, finding a court near you is the first step in joining the exciting world of this sport. Next up? Hiring a coach. Coaching can elevate your game by providing personalized strategies, enhancing your skills, and offering insights that you might not discover on your own.

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