Phoenix, the sprawling metropolis in the heart of Arizona, has a hidden gem that’s been quietly gaining popularity: pickleball. But with so many new courts popping up around the city, where can you find the best courts? 

Leveraging data from TeachMe.To, let’s dive into the most booked courts, where to find the most instructors, and just how popular pickleball is in the Grand Canyon State.

Most Booked Pickleball Courts in Phoenix

Phoenix's pickleball enthusiasts have spoken with their bookings: the courts at Roadrunner Park and Paseo Highlands Pickleball Complex are not only bustling hubs, but are in the top 20% of most popular courts in the country. 

Roadrunner Park: 3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Paseo Highlands Pickleball Complex: 3322 W Knudsen Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Pickleball Courts with the Most Instructors Available

The availability of skilled instructors is key to mastering the art of pickleball. It’s no surprise that locations like G.R. Herberger Park and Pioneer Telephone Park also have a wealth of coaching talent ready to teach novices and hone the skills of seasoned players alike. 

G.R. Herberger Park: 5802 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Pioneer Telephone Park: 1946 W Morningside Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Pickleball Popularity in Arizona

The numbers don’t lie: pickleball is more than a pastime in Arizona — it’s a phenomenon. Beyond these courts in Phoenix, courts like Cholla Park in Scottsdale and Sundance Park in Buckeye sit proudly in the top 10% of the most popular courts nationwide. This popularity is mirrored in the abundance of coaches. 

The Top Pickleball Courts in Phoenix: Summary

Pickleball Court


Number of Coaches

Roadrunner Park

Top 20% most popular court in America

Top 10% - the most popular courts

Paseo Highlands Pickleball Complex

Top 20% most popular court in America

Top 10% - the most popular courts

G.R. Herberger Park

One of the most popular courts

80-90% - extremely popular court

Pioneer Telephone Park

One of the most popular courts

70-80% - one of the most popular courts

Pecos Park

One of the most popular courts

40-50% - moderately popular court

Private Court - Aviano

Court is mostly open

0-10% - Rarely chosen court

Get Started on Your Pickleball Journey in Phoenix

While great courts are important, the true spirit of pickleball is found in the guidance of an excellent coach. Coaching is indispensable; it transforms the sport from a mere rally of shots to a game of strategy and self-improvement. 

So, if you’re looking to step into the world of pickleball or elevate your game to the next level, find top pickleball coaches near you today.