Pickleball is exploding in the United States with a growth rate of 223.5% over the past three years. In fact, there are now 36.5 million pickleball players in the United States. Alabama is no different. Alabama features 208 pickleball courts which is the 29th most locations to play pickleball in the United States. In fact, there are even many pickleball tournaments held in Alabama at over 15 different venues.

Among the many locales witnessing this pickleball craze, certain spots in Alabama stand out for their burgeoning popularity. Let’s dive into the pickleball hotspots across Alabama, based on our TeachMe.To data with over 600 coaches and 10,000 hours of coaching sessions.

1. Daphne

Daphne leads the pack as Alabama's premier pickleball destination. With a first place ranking in the state and 33.33% of the bookings in the state as well as 14.29% of the pickleball coaches, Daphne stands out as the top-ranked pickleball city in Alabama.

2. Hoover

Hoover secures the second spot on our list, this city has a pickleball scene that's hard to ignore. With a significant 22.22% of the coaching sessions booked in the state and 28.57% of the pickleball coaches, Hoover is very popular among pickleball. You can definitely find a place to play with 18 pickleball courts in town. Book a session with one of our coaches here.

3. Birmingham 

In Birmingham, pickleball is more than just a sport—it's a way of life. With a ranking of 3rd and 14.29% of the coaches in the state, the city demonstrates a commitment to player development and growth. Birmingham also represents 11.11% of the coaching sessions booked in the state, You can find a great pickleball coach in Birmingham here.

4. Fairhope

Fairhope may be fourth on our list, but it's certainly not lacking in pickleball enthusiasm. With  11.11% of the coaching sessions in Alabama, pickleball fever is catching on. In addition, this location has 14.29% of the pickleball coaches in the state. Michael Farguson is one of the coaches in Fairhope and shared, "After decades of tennis, table tennis, badminton, and racquetball, I discovered this incredible sport of pickleball. I quickly fell in love and won my first gold medal in my first couple of months! I’ve been playing incessantly ever since." You can book a coaching session with Michael here

5. Mobile

Mobile emerges as a vibrant pickleball hub in Alabama, attracting players with its welcoming community and top-notch facilities. With 14.29% of TeachMe.To's pickle ball coaches and 11.11% of coaching lessons booked, Mobile is definitely a pickleball town. Whether you're looking for competitive play or casual
matches, Mobile offers an unforgettable pickleball experience for players of all levels.

6. Hoover

Hoover makes a second appearance on our list, further solidifying its status as a pickleball powerhouse in Alabama. With 14.29% of of the coaches in the state available for sessions here and 11.11% of the coaching sessions booked, Hoover offers a dynamic pickleball experience characterized by skill development and camaraderie on the court.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these hotspots offer something for everyone, providing an unforgettable pickleball experience that will keep you coming back for more. So grab your paddle, hit the court, and join the pickleball frenzy sweeping across Alabama!